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Intro - When Weird Things Happen

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December 16th, 2005

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04:42 pm - Intro
Hello, I am Kristine, and I am a learning empath psychic after a near death experience two years ago set me on the track to metaphysical knowledge. I'm into just about anything paranormal, from hauntings to Tarot readings to psychic phenomena. You name it, I probably believe it.

I found out I was empathic after joining other communities on livejournal where people had the same symptoms I did. I've always felt emotions at an extreme level, but I thought everyone could do that. I tend to have the problem of carrying the world on my shoulders (I know it's bad for my health, but I get into that mind state and you know where it goes from there), and I get exhausted from the emotions of large crowds. Sometimes I get images in my mind, like memories, people, places, things, and I will start singing the same song a ghost is singing if they tend to do so. I speak only English fluently when doing regular things, but when doing psychic things, I understand every language being thrown at me.

If I sound like I'm boasting, I'm most definitely not. I still have a lot of work to do in the psychic field to really be able to affect something. I've only seen one ghost with my human eyes, and he actually spent almost a year coming to me and telling me all his problems, the he would launch into theories about Einstein and atoms and things that I barely understood. I'm a real listener, I guess, because even ghosts will come up and tell me their problems!

Anyway, I've got lots of stories that I'm sure I can contribute to this community, because weird stuff happens to me daily. If I had a life, maybe weird stuff wouldn't happen to me so much, but I'm a hermit who doesn't come out of my house much, so they all come to me.
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