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December 30th, 2005

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12:49 am - More fun...
This actually happened to me a week or so ago, but i'm just now getting to where I can post it here. First off, while typing my last post here, I kept seeing shadows go across my feild of vision. Granted, my room is pretty dark at night, but I had my overhead light on at that time, and I saw definate dark shapes going by in front of me, and on either side.

Secondly, my empathy went haywire on Christmas Day, and seems to have been really active since then. I've felt several emotions not my own including (but not limited to) depression and anger. I've also been having more killer headachs then usual. I'm not sure if this is related or not, but i've felt lightheaded and had more fade-outs lately. (Fade-outs are like black-outs, except i don't pass compleatly out, and they only last a few seconds. My vison goes black, hen slowly fades back to normal. I never loose track of where i am or anything. We've never been able to explain it with medicine, so I've sort of assumed it was my empathy.)

Lastly, and this is related to my last post, I think I had a preminiton of sorts about the bathroom door thing Tom did. See, a week or so before that, I had a dream/OBE(my friend says it was an OBE) Where a guy asked me to teach him how to lock my bathroom door. I remember this because it was odd because my bathroom door has a really easy lock to lock/unlock, but it can't unlock itself. If anyone's bored enough to read the dreams, they're posted on my journal...just look for a couple posts about dreams.

I guess that's it...I just wanted to share. Night all.
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Date:January 7th, 2006 12:55 am (UTC)
Sounds like you are under psychic attack. It happens to me a lot because I'm prone to depression and my negative sister tends to feed off of my empathy. Anyway, it is when a negative entity attaches itself to you or finds a way to get into your mind, then feeds you with feelings that aren't yours.

Do you feel pain in any one of your chakras or in your back? That means that they've attached. Imagining a sword of light cutting through the attachment will make it go away. If you think that they are just provoking you and you aren't attached, imagining surrounding yourself with a shield of white light should make them leave. I've also imagined myself with mirrors facing away from me all around me to ward off evil, because I guess negative entities don't like mirrors (they can get captured in theme, even figurative mirrors, I guess).

I will surely check out your dreams to see if I can interpret them. I would say it was a premonition about the lock.

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