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June 15th, 2005

12:37 pm - God has a sense of humor, ghosts and my music, and UFOs

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May 26th, 2005

09:02 pm - the noises...
Well, as long as I can remember my sister and i have had some sort of gift. My sister says she's able to see ghosts and even hear what they're saying from time to time when she's alone in a room. I, on the other hand, can hear them, and I think, sense them. Which is really annoying.

Now, what I hear isn't something as specific as a voice all the time or anything, but i do have a tendency to hear things that no one else can. And for some reason, it's been happening a lot lately.

Sometimes, I actually do hear voices coming from the living room when I know no one's there. Then to go there and see that the only entity there is my sister's fish in the fish tank making bubbly noises. But i know it couldn't have been the fish tank, because the fish tank doesn't sound like two grown men talking for crying out loud!

I've also been hearing things as i drift off to sleep. I know that sounds stupid and explainable, but it's not. I hear the mental voices of my subconscious as i go to sleep every night, sure, but these voices and noises come to my ear. Not my mind. One time I swore I heard my dad scream for me in the middle of the night. I knew he wouldn't do that. He was asleep! But, there it was clear as day, ringing in my ear...

It's not really unnerving. just annoying. Trying to get to sleep and something screams. Argh...
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05:19 pm
Recently, I've expirenced two very strange phenomina. I thought i might share them and, hopefully, get some feedback on them.

First off, I've been seeing these shadowy figures. a lot. I've been seeing them for a couple weeks now, but lately it's gotten more and more frequent. For example, i was in the kitchen making some koolaide (or something...) and I happened to glance towards the hallway in time to see a shadow of a man (about 6 for tall, I'd guess) walking towards my room. I figured it was my brother, so I went to see what he wanted. It scared me a bit when he wasn't back there. (Our house is very small...the only rooms he could've gone to were the bathroom or my room, and he wasn't in either) In fact at the time he wasn't even in the house. I saw a similar (if not the same) shadow while i was putting away laundry in the bathroom. As stated before, the only place someone could go would be my room...and no one was there.) I've also similarly seen a child (a boy, about 5, I would guess) sitting on the dresser in my room on several occasions, and a cat (both in my roomand the living room) A friend of mine saw the cat, and called out to it before remembering that we don't have a cat. As I've said before, these are just shadows. I'm guessing on their appoximate size. I can feel their presence almost constantly, and it can be alittle unnerving, especially late at night. I do not feel like they're dangerous, or anything to be afraid of, but i would like to know what they are.

Secondly, on occasion, I've noticed voices coming from my computer speakers. I know that sounds a bit rediculous, considering that they're speakers, but let me explain. I often turn the volume all the way down on my speakers when they're not in use because I don't want to bother my parents with those annoying 'dings' and 'bells' (IE, the sounds that come default on Windows) when they're trying to sleep. I don't like to turn off my speakers because I often forget to turn them back on the next morning. Well, on several occassions, I've been in my room on the computer late at night (nothing running except my e-mail, etc.) aand the speakers turned all the way down when I'll hear voices of people talking through my speakers. As i've said, there's no sort of sound-producing program running and the speakers are on, but turned all the way down. The voices are soft and staticy, and IU can't understand whet they're saying. The only way to stop them is to turn off the speakers. A friend of mine believes it's "White noise" (like that movie that came out not too long ago.) But i wasn't sure if such a thing actually existed. If you have any idea what this is, and any suggestions as to what i can do about it please tell me. It's more then just a little freaky, if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. i'm not usually easily disturbed by the paranormal, but these recent events are starting to unnerve me a little.

((This was cross posted in internal_oasis and channel_net. Sorry if you get this more then once.))

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May 15th, 2005

02:36 pm - divine intervention? Maybe?
Okay, this is just too weird to be a coincidence. Friday was Friday the 13th, as I'm sure you all noticed eventually. After I took an overly-easy final, i went home and winded down for a bit and called Bethi. We randomly talked for a while when my dad's alarm clock went off. Which explains why my mom had over-slept. She set it for pm. XD

Anyways, I told beth to hang on, and I went to go turn it off. As I crossed my parents' room, my arm snagged on the corner of my mom's chest-of-drawers. Now, i've snagged my hip on my dad's dresser before, but my mom's chest-of-drawers has always been against the wall, so I've never rammed into it before. Oh, it hurt like...er..bad things! it broke the skin and now there's a big pretty purple bruise around the scratch. But, eh, i'll live.

Later on that night, though, was when I knew something had been watching from above, if you get my drift. I was sitting in the living room with Annie (my sister) when someone came in the living room to say somehting. We were watching King Arthur, and I didn't want to interupt them, so I got up to pause it. I turned around and Annie decided to stick her foot out. She knows I usually see it and walk around it, ut I didn't see it. So, I fell on my right side. Hard.

When i fell, the sock basket slip forward and hit my mom's cuiro cabinet and made a few things rattle. And I started laughing. I was in really bad pain, but i laugh when that happens for some reason. I'm weird. I got lots of fun bruises. Including on that went so deep it still hasn't come to the surface yet.

It wasn't until after that when i started to think about the placement of things.

(1) If the sock basket hadn't've hit the cabinet, the jolt from me falling on the floor would have made the things hit me in the head, causing, well, lots of things. There are bunches of glass things on that cabinet.

(2) If I had landed on my stomach, it would have knocked the wind out of me. I'm an asthmatic. That wouldn't have been a good thing. I would have been unconscious for who knows how long.

(3) When the upper-half of my body hit the floor, i hit the floor with my elbow. If I had hit the floor with the part of my arm that I had hit the chest-of-drawers with, I don't think I'd be typing this journal entry right now.

In any case, I'm still stiff from that tumble not to mention i pulled bunches of arms muscles from carrying things at the air show yesterday. I need a banana...
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May 3rd, 2005

07:41 pm
I can go next I suppose...A little about me, huh? Ok...here goes...

I'm an Empath...and have been for...about a year, I suppose (I just didn't realize until about 6 moths ago). This is definatly my strongest 'ability', but I do have others. I have precognitive moments, usually linked to dreams I have. I can sense spirits/ghosts (often even down to their gender ^__^) even though it's rare for me to actually see them. Like Bobbie (orangeeagle) I have an internal alarm clock of sorts which causes me to wake up moments before my mom comes through to wake me up...no matter what time she does so. Lastly, I have had instances of dreams containing messages from (At least, i believe it to be) The Angel/Messanger of Death.

Basically, I'm a paranormal mix and match of sorts. ^___^ Well...i suppose IU'll offer specific examples (if anyone's interested) at a later time.

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03:25 pm - i guess...
i should start off with stuff about me, huh? Well, I have dejavu at least once or twice a week. Not just dejavu, though, it's not familiar as though I've seen it before, it's that I have a memory of it a few days before it happens. Usually it's something very insignificant. Usually i'll have it a lot more than that when i'm excited or anxious about something.

Also, I tend to wake up right when i need to without the use of an alarm clock. on tuesday and thursday mornings, i like to wake up at around 7:30 so i can get ready for my ride when she comes about an hour later. and I always get up very close to that time. it's kinda weird.

I believe I have a guardian angel. and whoever they are, they're really good at what they do.

I've seen a UFO and experienced ghostly things and i guess i'll mention everything else later :P
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May 2nd, 2005

02:43 pm - hello all!!
and welcome to the group!! If you decide to join, that is. Anyways, I had sudden inspiration last night to make this puppy while I was watching the creepiest places in the world on travel channel. anyways, here it is!!
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