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When Weird Things Happen

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May 2nd, 2014

07:06 pm - Connections? Perhaps?
Hey everyone,

I'm new to this community but not to Live Journal, I've been trying to figure something out and don't know where to go.

When I was a kid I was super sensitive to spirit/paranormal/ghosts (whatever term you prefer), which for me resulted in many a sleepless night and supposedly "unexplainable" fear, if you ask my parents. I guess my fear eventually interrupted my sensitivity, because it seemed to reduce greatly as I grew up but now, that I am not nearly as afraid, I've been noticing... things.

Stuff has been moving on its own, only mildly and slightly, around me. It was only in my house first, but it happened a couple of hours ago in my boyfriend's house too. Things like towels moving when there's no draft at all, or a mug turning on its own... just small things. I don't necessarily get a bad feeling, just kind of an "awareness". I've also had more issues with seeing things out of the corner of my eye kind of thing... again, nothing major. Thinking I see movement or a shadow or something like that, or knowing I saw it but it's done by the time I am looking fully in that direction. I also notice this persistent, annoying eye-twitch. It started in one eye, and now it's in both. It's not constant but happens multiple times per hour, and is strong enough to be visible to other people. I haven't had it happen since I was young.

I also notice certain smells... they are very specific and unpleasant, and always the same.

I don't know if this is all connected, or if it even could be... but any thoughts you all have are welcome.

Any thoughts or tips?

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April 4th, 2006

06:11 pm - Protection?
Anyone here know about Native American protection rituals? I have recently come upon a Native American spirit who puts rattle snakes (spirits, not real snakes) around my house and eagles (also spirits) above my house to ward off evil. Is this a real ritual? I belief the spirit is Cheyenne. Anyone know anything about that?
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March 24th, 2006

03:39 pm - Crazy is As Crazy Does
You won't believe what happened to me yesterday. I just moved into a new house, one that our landlords grandmother used to live in, and we had the feeling from the beginning that she was still here. We've had some bad luck since we've moved in, which I thought added to the idea she was still here. Being the logical person (yeah right) that I am, I decided that I would wait for a friend of mine to help the grandmother cross over. Last night, while soaking in a hot bath, I was trying to find my Spirit Guide, so I imagined a hallway, then I imagined myself walking out to this huge water fountain, and the usual visual stuff to meditate on, when I found myself looking at a young woman in black and white (like those 1930's movies, which strangely I have been addicted to since I moved into this house).

At first, she seemed displeased and I asked her if she didn't like us here. She said that this was her house and she wanted us gone. I explained that she had died, Heaven is great, you know, the whole nine yards, and it took about half an hour to persuade her that Heaven was a good place and she would be able to meet her long lost loved ones there. She wanted me to tell her grandson (our landlord) that she loved him, but I didn't want to get evicted for telling him his dead grandmother said hey, so I told her she could see him through a dream and tell him herself. She liked the idea, and I have the feeling she crossed over. I just saw a bright light and a soldier that was standing next to her, but I didn't see what else because that was her personal white light.

She's the first dead person that I've really had an in depth conversation with. I've helped several other dead people cross over, but they were fairly easy to work with. She seemed more real than the others, though, like she had probably been around a long time. I figured that, if I had not done that meditative hallway visual, I would've never seen her and would've never known she was there. I'm thinking that might be a good visual for me to help others the same way. Now my only problem is, I can't seem to find my Spirit Guide or Guides. Something is always in the way, or I get no visual at all. Any thoughts from anyone on how to contact Spirit Guides?
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January 25th, 2006

08:23 pm - Promote
You can delete this if you want, but I just wanted to invite people to my dream interpretation community, dreternity. I interpret paranormal and mystical dreams, as well as regular dreams. I'll interpret nearly every dream that's out there.
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03:04 pm - maybe some of you can tell me what's up.
okay i've never posted here, just joined... in search of someone who may know something and tell me if it's just my head playing games or something actually happening.

i've always been interested in paranormal stuff, but yesterday was too odd for me. i went to my boyfriends house and we were laying on his bed, all of a sudden i got into the weirdest mood. i wanted to speak in different langauges, latin mainly, i kept squirming, tugging at my hair, but i thought i was just being my retarded self... but after that was done with, i got scared and told my boyfriend i felt i was in a weird mood, and not a good one. i felt i wasn't myself, and mainly, i was afraid i was acting this way because i wanted to be but it wouldn't stop. it's hard to explain, now... i was always a weird girl, and you know how it is when you're younger and want to pretend to be something else... that's what i thought it was, but then i believed it was something else becuase it was weird. after a while, my heart/pulse rate started racing and i was breathing very deep and fast, which soon turned me into laying like a lump against the wall and staring off into space and almost crying. i was like a rag doll. my boyfriend asked me if i wanted to go to the hospital because of how fast my heart was going and my breathing, but i told him no. it later passed after he got me thinking about other things and i felt better. he figured it may have been an anxiety attack or something.

i woke up at 3am last night, and this morning the claddagh necklace he got me with an irish cross on it broke. i wore it to feel safe in the night, and when i woke up it was laying beside me looking as if it was pulled off my neck. other than that i guess i feel better than yesterday, though i still feel emotionless and drowsy and just not myself.

if this community is still alive and could give me hints as to what's wrong or related stories, it would be greatly appreciated. i'm not a religous person, i used to be when i was younger but have grown into an atheist after biology class and such, haha. but now i'm slightly freaked and last night i actually asked to go to a church.

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December 30th, 2005

12:49 am - More fun...
This actually happened to me a week or so ago, but i'm just now getting to where I can post it here. First off, while typing my last post here, I kept seeing shadows go across my feild of vision. Granted, my room is pretty dark at night, but I had my overhead light on at that time, and I saw definate dark shapes going by in front of me, and on either side.

Secondly, my empathy went haywire on Christmas Day, and seems to have been really active since then. I've felt several emotions not my own including (but not limited to) depression and anger. I've also been having more killer headachs then usual. I'm not sure if this is related or not, but i've felt lightheaded and had more fade-outs lately. (Fade-outs are like black-outs, except i don't pass compleatly out, and they only last a few seconds. My vison goes black, hen slowly fades back to normal. I never loose track of where i am or anything. We've never been able to explain it with medicine, so I've sort of assumed it was my empathy.)

Lastly, and this is related to my last post, I think I had a preminiton of sorts about the bathroom door thing Tom did. See, a week or so before that, I had a dream/OBE(my friend says it was an OBE) Where a guy asked me to teach him how to lock my bathroom door. I remember this because it was odd because my bathroom door has a really easy lock to lock/unlock, but it can't unlock itself. If anyone's bored enough to read the dreams, they're posted on my journal...just look for a couple posts about dreams.

I guess that's it...I just wanted to share. Night all.
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December 23rd, 2005

01:54 am - Just a little update from me...
I realize i haven't posted very much in this community, so I decided to share a few little things that have been happeneing lately. For those who don't know, I share my room (and more often then not, other spects of my life) with a spirit i've dubbed 'Tom'. why Tom? Something told me that was his name. I've shared my room with him for a few years now but have only really understood his presence for about a year.

Now that the background information is out of the way, here are the happenngs with myself and Tom.

1) For the last...couple of months, actually, the screen door at the front of my house will pop open and slam shut, like someone is walking out. This is a new door, and cannot be moved by wind, etc. Everytime the door was securly closed before it poped open, and after it it slammed shut. I'm not sure if this is Tom or not, but I know I didn't sense anything unusual (like a new spiit) I'm used to Tom, sfter so long. It's almost like I sense when he's not there, instead of when he is there.

These last two are a little embarrassing because i was in the bathroom at the time.

2) While in the bathroom, I felt drops of water hit my right arm. At first, i though the shower was dripping. I made sure the water was turned off, and the bathtub was set to the faucet instead of the showerhead. A second later, I felt it again. Well, again, i thought nothing off it. I figured my bath sponge was drpping(It hangs on the shower rack.) Then i realized my arm was out of reach of any possibe falling droplets. A second later, i felt it again, and realized it felt like when someone wets ther hands and flicks water on you. Needless to say, this unnerved me a little. It's happened twice so far.

3) This third thing happened the same time as the first water incident. No, it is importnat to understand I live with 5 other people, and we only have one bathroom. That said, locking the bathroom door is second nature. I often lock it, can't remember if I've locked it, and double (or triple check) that it's locked before doing what i have to. This time was no exception. what can I say, i'm paranoid about someone walking in on me, ya know? Well, after being compleatly wigged out by the water thing, i washed my hands, and turned to unlock the door...to find that it was already unlocked and already open about two inches. I'm really glad this only happened once....it bothered me a great deal.

These sound a little out of character for Tom, but i never sensed another presence. Either Tom is being more playful then usual, or (and I hope this isn't it) my powers are starting to dull. my empathy seems as strong (if not stronger) the ever, so I'm not really sure what is going on. I just figured I'd share these wtih you. Let me know what you think.
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December 17th, 2005

04:51 pm - lol
okay, so my inner alarm clock thing decided to stop after a while. Which, eh, I have an actual alarm clock now, and I'm driving, so I don't really need it. But, yesterday morning, I woke up for...something. And, not five seconds after I laid back down to go back to sleep, my alarm clock went off. It's back, ah!

Okay, short post, I know. Heh^^;;

Oh, and welcome tot he community. yay. :D
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December 16th, 2005

04:42 pm - Intro
Hello, I am Kristine, and I am a learning empath psychic after a near death experience two years ago set me on the track to metaphysical knowledge. I'm into just about anything paranormal, from hauntings to Tarot readings to psychic phenomena. You name it, I probably believe it.

I found out I was empathic after joining other communities on livejournal where people had the same symptoms I did. I've always felt emotions at an extreme level, but I thought everyone could do that. I tend to have the problem of carrying the world on my shoulders (I know it's bad for my health, but I get into that mind state and you know where it goes from there), and I get exhausted from the emotions of large crowds. Sometimes I get images in my mind, like memories, people, places, things, and I will start singing the same song a ghost is singing if they tend to do so. I speak only English fluently when doing regular things, but when doing psychic things, I understand every language being thrown at me.

If I sound like I'm boasting, I'm most definitely not. I still have a lot of work to do in the psychic field to really be able to affect something. I've only seen one ghost with my human eyes, and he actually spent almost a year coming to me and telling me all his problems, the he would launch into theories about Einstein and atoms and things that I barely understood. I'm a real listener, I guess, because even ghosts will come up and tell me their problems!

Anyway, I've got lots of stories that I'm sure I can contribute to this community, because weird stuff happens to me daily. If I had a life, maybe weird stuff wouldn't happen to me so much, but I'm a hermit who doesn't come out of my house much, so they all come to me.
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November 7th, 2005

01:30 pm - ah, scary!
Okay, so this morning I had about fifteen minutes left to sleep before I had to get up. I do that, I'll wake up early in the morning, figure out how much time I have, and just go to sleep again.

Well, after I checked the clock, I just went back to sleep and I had a dream that it was January and I was having a conversation with this person...that I don't know. But I mentioned how ironic it was that we had a Friday the thirteenth so early in the year.

I didn't really think anything about it until I looked at my calendar, so I decided to check and see if the dream was right...just in case. Out of curiosity, you know. And, sure enough, there is a Friday the thirteenth this coming January.

So, I'm oficially freaked out because I never have any really prophetic dreams...except this one...^^;;
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